Leave us your old vehicle

We buy used Trucks from all Brands in the market. If you have an old truck you want to dispose of, contact us to receive our best offer.

Repair services

Val Parts has an experienced team of mechanics. If you need a parts component repaired contact us and we will guarantee a professional service with a timely repair.

Sustainable practices

We believe one of the greatest assets we can provide to the environment is the clean up factor. As such we strive to achieve the greenest possible dismantlement process in our daily work.

Responsible dismantlement

We dismantle our acquired trucks in our own workshop. This way we make sure the best environmental practices are enforced. All the parts are tracked and verified before and after the dismantlement process. This way, we can guarantee the best quality of our used truck and trailer parts. The disposal of all the unusable materials is made by certified companies so minimal waste is created in the process.

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